About Us

There comes a time in every student’s life when they need to leave that nest they call home. Adventures befall them when they start a new venture away from home.

In this phase of their life, they need another nest but vastly different from the previous one. They need a space that they can call their own. One where they learn to grow into mature individuals. Our fully equipped, comfortable accommodations mirror this thought. Student Housing that are not like homes, but like customized spaces adapted to suit the needs of the youth. We understand the challenges that hinder the youth when they are out hunting living spaces, fresh in colleges.

We bring to you, a concept that lets you live in freedom and create in peace. Shack up with your friends or make new ones and embrace your new-found independence. Blending safety with youthful exuberance, The Nook is responsibly designed to attract both the youth and their parents.

A place you don’t call home. A place you call yours.

About The Promoter

Anjali Mittal holds a masters degree from Kings College London in Economics, Politics and Finance and has worked in the finance and real estate sector in UK and India. Having lived five years in London and understanding the Student Housing industry in detail from the source, she understood the need for Student housing’s concept in India. She aims to give India a standardized, formal Student Housing brand, which will make the overall experience of higher education a more enriching one.